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Murska Sobota (Slovenia), 6. March – The stunt riding season is nearing and like all profesional motorcycle athletes, Rok and his sponsor UNIOR TOOLS build up a new workshop to prepare the bikes for the long season.


The workshop is one of the most important things when you are a PRO rider. Because in the case of a stuntrider you are training and making shows all over the world, what means a lot of abuse on the bikes. And sometimes something brakes and to not waste to many time, you need a well-equipped garage with all the tools for rapairing the bikes.

Rok words: " I always watched the PRO riders on the web or motorcycle shows like OCC on TV where the riders had so nice garages that i could only dream about to have one like this. Now when i am training every day and travel a lot, the bikes can not stand the preasure after some time and then something must go wrong. And when it hapend i always repaired the scooters on the floor and when i finished there was always left to many screws and parts, more then on the beginning  :D So my sponsor decided to make me a nice workshop where i can work more precise and professional. So now i can better avoid the problems with the bikes on competitions and on the shows like i had in the past and so were my resoults ...

The whole process on this link:

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